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About Our Plumbing Services

  The category of plumbing services includes a lot different offerings. The master plumbers of High Country Plumbing provide a full menu of plumbing services for Garden City, Evans, Johnstown,…

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Why Choose a Rheem Water Heater

Why Do We Exclusively Carry Rheem Water Heaters? We work on nearly all brands of water heaters, but we find that the Rheem water heater provides reliability, quality, endurance, and…

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How A Sump Pump Works

It’s really pretty simple. To start, We need to did a sump pit in your crawl space or basement. This pit is always dug at the lowest point of your…

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Water Heater Installation

old water heater before new water heater installation

You Don’t Need to Pay MoreFor a Master Plumber Some companies send out technicians to install water heaters. When you call High Country Plumbing for services, Master Plumber and Owner…

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How Garbage Disposals Work

kitchen plumbing -garbage disposal not working

How Garbage Disposals Work Garbage disposals: They’re convenient, they’re easy, and they’re terribly misused. In-sink garbage disposals can seem to make your clean-up easier, but if you dump the wrong…

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How Toilets Work

plumbing: clogged toilet

How Toilets Work If there’s one appliance we take for granted in our homes, it’s the toilet. And it’s one of the most used, too. Modern toilets have been designed…

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How Water Heaters Work

how water heaters work blog image

How Water Heaters Work Have you ever wondered how water heaters work? Of course, there are a number of types of water heaters available these days. It takes fuel to…

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