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Garbage Disposal Repair

Can't use your sink because the garbage disposal isn't working? Garbage disposal repair services depend on what is wrong with the disposal. Sometimes the units fail because the blades have begun to dull and can't chop things up any longer. That can happen from age or from abuse (putting absolutely wrong things down the disposal.) Sometimes the motor burns up, due to a clog. (heavily fibrous or coarse material will clog, as will too much organic matter at one time.)

Can We Repair Your Garbage Disposal?

We need to come out and take a look, determine what the problem is. If we can't fix it, we can certainly replace the garbage disposal. Even the very best disposals may sometimes need repair. But before you decide to go that route, keep in mind that newer disposals are more efficient. And they are usually quieter than older models.

Sometimes, a homeowner can dislodge a clog and get more life out of the disposal. But quality repair and proper replacement is a job for professional plumbers. Contact us when your disposal is on the fritz!

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Garbage Disposal FAQs

How Long Does a Garbage Disposal Last?
Typically, a disposal lasts 8 to 10 years, with newer and heavy duty models lasting 15 years.

What Size Garbage Disposal Is Best?

Garbage disposals are measured in horse-power (motor size) and grinding stages (number of blades.) Size is usually based on the number of people living in a house, and the amount and type of cooking being done.

A small apartment where there is little cooking being done can be well-serviced by a 1/3 HP disposal. Small homes and apartments usually need the 1/2 HP size. That is generally single stage. and adequate for leftovers and small produce peels.

Do you a great deal of cooking and have to reset your disposal fairly often? Are experiencing a sluggish kitchen drain? Then you may want to upgrade to a 3/4 HP model. These models offer a single stage version, good for leftovers and peels, and a multistage unit for soft peels like bananas. They can also grind larger chunks of starchy vegetables like potatoes, and some stringy vegetables. Even small chicken bones can be safely ground up in this unit.

The home chef, however, probably will do best with a full 1 HP motor disposal. Two or more stages of cutting blades can safely dispose of corn cobs, artichoke hearts and even fruit pits.

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