sprinkler taps: systems need working taps

Sprinkler Taps

Who doesn't love a lush green lawn? And in Colorado, that means watering. To run water to your sprinklers you need a sprinkler tap that joins your sprinkler system to your home's existing cold water supply.

There are several ways to access the water for your sprinklers. It's possible in many cases to connect to an existing outdoor faucet by installing a brass or galvanized tee joint to direct water to the sprinklers.

But in many cases you need to cut into existing pipes, just before the main supply line enters the house, in order to access the water. This is a job for a licensed plumber, and our plumbers in Windsor, Greeley and the surrounding area are ready to help.

Moreover, whenever you are attaching to a potable water system (that means your indoor plumbing), you need to install a backflow preventer so the used water does not flow back into your water supply. It's best to have us do this for you. A permit is needed, and city codes are pretty strict when it comes to backflow prevention.

Of course, we can repair leaky or malfunctioning sprinkler taps, as well.

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