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Why Do Homes Need Sump Pumps?

Sump pumps in Colorado? You may not think you need a sump pump installation in your Greeley or Windsor area home, because you think of Colorado as a dry state. But there are areas all around the state where there is quite a bit of ground water. Plus, some years we get heavy rains or rapid snow melt and the ground gets overly saturated. And of course, on occasion, a pipe bursts in a home or a city water main fails. Without a sump pump, your basement, crawl space, or even ground floor, can suffer some serious water damage.

Sump pumps protect homes day in and day out.

The sump pump sits in a sump pit, and when water level in the pit rises to a certain point, a simple float switch is activated, and your pump starts to do its job.

But if your switch is not working properly, or the pump is clogging with dirt, gravel, sand or other debris, your pump may not activate as it should. If your sump pump is not working, don't put it off. It's time for a sump pump repair.

Regular annual sump pump maintenance will assure that when you do need your sump pump, it's working for you. You can always test the pump yourself: just pour some water into the pit (a few 5 gallon buckets should do it. Does the pump start up? Then you're fine.

But if the pump does not turn on, you need to give us a call. Sump pump repair can save a huge amount of money and headaches down the road.

Colorado Homes Tend to Have Basements

Many homes in Colorado have basements, and often they are turned into rec rooms, extra bedrooms, man caves, and other living areas. Of course, sometimes they're just used for storage. But either way, a flooded basement is inconvenient and often expensive. Flooding can lead to mold and mildew, and ruin whatever is down there. Installing a sump pump will help you avoid this problem.

Sump pumps also help keep moisture away from foundation walls, protecting your investment.

If you need sump pump installation or sump pump repair, contact us for fast, reliable service!

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