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Trenchless Water Line Replacement

Trenchless water line replacement is cutting-edge and can save you money and time on water line repair.

Damaged pipe systems can lead to serious in-home losses, from flooding to leaking pipes. The Master Plumbers of High Country Plumbing are pleased to offer homeowners  this new solution to water pipe repair in Windsor, CO, Greeley, Evans, Eaton, Severance, Johnstown and Timnath.

Generally, you become aware of the problem when your water bill suddenly increases for no apparent reason. This can often mean a break in the man water line on your property. In the past, this always meant you had a serious problem that was going to drain your wallet. Digging, tearing up the landscaping and then having to replace it, replacing the damaged was a homeowner's nightmare.

We Have A Better Solution

Trenchless water line repair won't include hours and hours of labor to replace the damaged main water lines. We don't dig up your yard. Instead, we dig only two fairly small holes, one where the water line begins and one where it ends. Using a cable pulling system, we can install new pipe between those two holes, and reconnect the water line from your plumbing supply access. Now you have a fast, efficient new water line, and very little disturbance to your property.

And You Save Money With Trenchless Replacement

The process itself is more affordable than tradition water line pipe repair, and you don't have to worry about your water main line ever again. It only takes a few hours to install the new pipe. And this technique is effective for any water line or pipe repair. Don't put off repairing pipes damaged by freeze/thaw cycles, improper initial installation or pipes located under the building or expensive landscaping. Blocked pipes can also be replaced with this method.

Call us today for a consultation and you won't have to worry any more about water line problems and the damage they cause.

Symptoms of a Water Line Problem

If you see any of these on your property, you may need an urgent repair or replacement. Ignoring them may cause serious damage to your home and land.

  • Consistent water meter movement
  • Foundation movement
  • Unexplainable and unexpected high water bill
  • Hot spot on flooring
  • Noise of running water in walls or fixtures
  • Water protrusion from slab or ground