Why Do We Exclusively Carry Rheem Water Heaters?

rheem logoWe work on nearly all brands of water heaters, but we find that the Rheem water heater provides reliability, quality, endurance, and energy savings time after time. Plus, the brand offers sizes to fit any home, with a range of prices that can be matched to your budget. With nearly 100 years experience in producing hot water heaters, Rheem is the industry standard.

Rheem Manufacturing Company is an American privately held manufacturer that produces residential and commercial water heaters and boilers, as well as heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.

We are proud to carry and install these water heaters.

What Type of Water Heater Does Your Home Need?

Did you know that water heating is the second largest energy user in your home? Only heating and cooling use more. A typical household spends up to $600 per year on hot water alone. An efficient water heater can save you money, and can also add value to your home. Do you need a small gas-powered water heater?  An electric water heater? A tankless water heater?  Rheem makes water heaters of all kinds, and we install water heaters in Windsor, Greeley, Garden City, Evans, LaSalle, Kelim, Johnstown, Milliken, Lucerne, Eaton, Severance and Timnath.

Gas Water Heaters

rheem gas water heaterGas water heaters are the most popular kind you will find in the U.S.  They work on the simple principle that heat rises, and are basically  large water-filled tanks that have a heating mechanism attached. They come in different sized tanks; we can help you choose the size that's best for your home and your family's needs.

Rheem currently has several lines of gas water heater available in five series, each of which have their own standout features. The basic gas water heater is your most affordable option upfront, although it will offer the least in energy savings after installation. Choose an Energy Star Gas Water Heater with electric ignition pilot light and better insulation, and you will enjoy a higher level of energy savings.

Here are a sample of Rheem water heaters, from the most basic Performance line to the environmentally friendly Performance Platinum and Professional Prestige lines.


  • Rated UEF of .54 and tops out at .81. A higher UEF means a water heater is more energy efficient and will cost less to operate compared to other water heaters
  • Tank sizes from 29 to 98 gallons
  • These Performance units are quieter and lower-maintenance than most comparable products


  • From .58 to .65 UEF
  • The atmospheric line is Low NOx. Ultra Low NOx models take air quality a step further
  • Comes with diagnostics controls. Eco-friendly


  • Top models
  • From .64 to .83 UEF
  • All the features of the Professional Classic series
  • All models ENERGY-STAR rated and many eligible for tax credits

And if you don’t want a traditional tank-type water heater, ask us about Rheem’s other options for gas-powered units.

Electric Water Heaters

rheem electric water heaterElectric water heaters come with both benefits and downsides. They are well-suited to smaller installation space, because they don’t need the exhaust release pipe that a gas unit requires. They are also the most efficient water heaters. The tanks come in several sizes, from small to large. Some are designed for immediate use, some for long-term. High-efficiency electric tank water heaters are shielded with better insulation to provide additional savings on you power bill. However, because your water heater is in nearly constant demand, it can pull a lot of power. Rheem electric water heaters are quality-built to work at top efficiency, which can help to keep down your power bill.

More efficient than gas, it’s no surprise that Rheem electric heaters have more series than Rheem gas heaters. These are among the best on the market, and many are sized for smaller homes. All electric models have Low NOx or better emissions, leak detection, and are recirculation pump compatible.


  • Rated  .92 to .93 UEF
  • 28 to 50 gallon heaters
  • Some of the most efficient models on the market
  • Premium anode rods and dual copper heating elements
  • Long life, lower maintenance
  • Smaller .81 UEF table top model available for very small spaces


  • Rated at .93 UEF
  • 40 to 50 gallon water
  • High performance without high running cost
  • Dual copper heating elements for quick response
  • Premium grade anode rods help increase the tank’s lifespan



  • Top of the Performance series
  • Rated UEF of .92 to .95
  • 40 to 55 gallon tanks
  • May offer PlusOne water management system and high-quality anode rods
  • Models are self-cleaning to help combat sediment buildup

Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid water heaters crank up the efficiency of an electric water heater. Some models meet NEEA tier requirements. All are ENERGY STAR rated, with a UEF rating between 3.50 and 3.70. EcoNet compatibility means you’ll never have to worry about performance issues when not at home.

Rheem was one of the pioneers in hybrid electric water heaters. You’ll find they have remained at the cutting edge hybrid technology. If an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective water heater is what you want, these are the heaters you need to look at.

Contact us today to set an appointment and we’ll help you find the best water heater for your home.